My Music Alarm App Reviews

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Doesn't work

When I hit the option button, it automatically shuts down. I want my dollar back!

Doesn't work

I wish I read the reviews before I bought this stupid thing. It doesn't even work. Dammit..I want my dollar back...

It REALLY Works.

For those who gave it 1 star you have to keep the app open in order for it to work. It worked flawlessly for me. One of the best apps so far!!!

This app blows

I wish there was a way to get your money back. If there was an option to leave a fraction of a star I would


This app is cool and it works for me. Sometimes it quits but it loads back up. It was really cool to wake up to my favorite song!! :) :D

Terrible app

This app is terrible!! It wont go off even if i set it to go off in 5 minutes it wont work

Great app

Works great. Perfect way to wake up instead of some annoying sound.

Big ripoff

Does not work at all. Return my money now!!!


I read the other reviews and thought it was going to be great but it doesn't even go off. I can set it for one minute ahead of the current time and it still won't work. I've tried everything. Complete waste of time and money.


Best alarm ever

Great until...

I loved this app it was excatly what I needed and wanted but I accidently removed this app when I went to get it again it was no longer free :( I'm soo sad the other apps arnt as good I wish this was free again :(

Good app

Nothing is better than waking up by ur music!!! Work great!


Finally something I was looking for

great app

If you want a simple alarm clock and not a complicating alarm this app is for you. 

Luv it!

I love getting to choose my own wake-up music. I love that I don't have to wake up too far to hit snooze. And it's easy to set. Now, if only it had some color.

Set alarm using actual number pad! Thank you!

The only advantage my ancient Nokia had over my iphone was the fact that you could set the alarm using the actual numbers on the keypad. That scrolling element on the iphone is fine for some things, but come on, people. Alarm clocks don't need gimmicks. They are best when they allow you to set the time with very little chance for error or wasted time deciding if scrolling up or down will be faster. At last, my prince has come. Now if I could only stop slapping him when he wakes me up...

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